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    Molino de Enmedio

    Puebla, México

    The Studio

    The place where dreams

    become a reality.

    Design involves :






    We are a Mexican Design Studio that provides optimal design, communication and strategy solutions to businesses, organizations and institutions. For nearly two decades we have perfected our work process based on deep commitment and dialogue to create unique, functional and tailored solutions.

    Holistic Design

    Our knowledge in different areas of design enables us to create comprehensive brands, services and experiences, in line with international and local standards, and always with the human being as the central axis in everything we do.

    For us, each project is a


    that narrates a case of success

    We know that good design is the result of having a highly curated visual culture, the capacity of building metaphors and challenging the perception of concepts. Design is a powerful tool thath allows us to imagine, communicate, inspire and create. Design is an experience.

    Our work

    Our World

    Our work can be currently found in many different parts of the world, so we are committed to design feasible, prompt, lasting and optimized proposals that speak to their specific markets and contexts, giving our clients competitive advantages in their fields of expertise.

    Dream and start creating

    Benito Cabañas, founder and director of Abracadabra, Design Studio, is one of Mexico’s most renowned designers in recent years. His work has been exhibited and is part of the repertoy of several museums in different cities, and thanks to his experience, he has lectured in more than 40 cities around the world. His work as a designer has led to his appointment as member of the International Council of Poster Design BICeBé, of the Iberoamerican Design Biennial’s Advisory Comittee in Madrid, Latin American ambassador for the University of Palermo and graphic advisor for the UNESCO in Paris.