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    Molino de Enmedio

    Puebla, México

    Animated posters,

    for science.

    The project

    Around 800 participants from all over the world gather every year to discuss the most urgent global issues through the prism of Regional Science. 2019’s edition focused on cities, regions and digital transformations, where a variety of themes are represented within 25 main areas.




    The development

    With these themes in mind, Abracadabra designed 25 animated posters specifically tailored for the 59th edition of ERSA Congress, organized in Lyon, France. Each poster offers a visual reflection on each of the topics covered during the congress, where the semantics of worldly recognizable symbols are open for personal interpretation. They are designed to foster discussion and celebrate the opportunity to meet.


    for the future

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Science is the captain

    and practice the soldiers.

    Photographic credits: Abracadabra, Estudio de Diseño