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    Molino de Enmedio

    Puebla, México


    With you, always

    Pastelería Noninas Textura Flor de Lis
    Pastelería Noninas Logo

    The project

    Nonina’s is a family business that has produced original and high quality desserts for over forty years in Puebla City.

    Pastelería Noninas Papelería


    Pastelería Noninas Caja Postres


    Pastelería Noninas Folder


    Pastelería Noninas Bolsas de Papel

    The development

    Seeking to emphasize the concepts of tradition and prestige, Abracadabra redesigned the visual identity of the brand, as well as the stationery, packaging and communication materials of the shop, highlighting the ideas of closeness and memory creation.

    Pastelería Noninas Empaque para Galletas

    With you,

    Pastelería Noninas Cajas para Pasteles


    Pastelería Noninas bolsa de regalo y delantal

    The elements

    The fleur-de-lys symbol was recovered and readjusted for the logotype, to give it more visibility and adaptability to different mediums.

    Pastelería Noninas Caja Postres

    Julia Child

    A party without cake,

    is just a meeting.

    Pastelería Noninas Textura Flor de Lis