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    Molino de Enmedio

    Puebla, México

    The Art of Memory,

    Modernity before the past.

    Memoria Originaria Frase
    Memoria Originaria Libreta


    Memoria Originaria Folleto


    The project

    Abracadabra developed the visual identity and communication language for the Art of Memory, a colloquium that exhibited the rich artistic and documentary production of over more than 400 years in Puebla City, taking place in the Regional Museum of Cholula.


    Memoria Originaria Tote Bag
    Memoria Originaria Collage
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    The development

    We worked hand in hand with a team of researchers from the Directorate of Heritage to develop the concept and symbolism for the visual identity. The concept was based on the link that exists nowadays inside the dialogue between the past and the present and how the present is constructed. We used the “Lienzo de Quauhquechollan” (16th-century cloth painting) as an inspiration to create all communication materials, color palettes and graphic design elements. 

    Memoria Originaria Tote Bag


    Memoria Originaria Libro Portada

    before the past

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    Memoria Originaria Folleto

    The site

    Memoria Originaria Museo Regional de Cholula
    Memoria Originaria Folleto

    The elements

    The pleasant experience of the attendees throughout well-thought, modern and functional communication elements was the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between dedicated professionals in their area.

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    Memoria Originaria Libro Bibliografía
    Memoria Originaria Libro Contraportada

    William Gibson

    Time moves in one direction,

    memory in another.

    Photographic credits: Ángel Flores