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    Molino de Enmedio

    Puebla, México

    Master Class

    Against Racism and Discrimination

    The project

    UNESCO, in collaboration with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Musée del l’Homme and the French National Commission for UNESCO organized a series of Master Classes about the areas of racism and discrimination, looking to diminish racial exclusion in public discourse and daily life.

    The development

    Abracadabra was commissioned with the design of the event’s visual identity as a fresh, dynamic, inclusive and diverse language aimed at junior high school students from different countries and backgrounds. The design and communication elements were developed in three languages, English, Spanish and French, and various applications like posters, t-shirts, certificates, programs, notebooks, among other elements. In the same way, the visual identity seeks to strengthen inclusive communities with the help of role models and spokespeople like famous artists, athletes and musicians.




    The results

    The characters designed for this visual identity trascended its brand and became part of two of UNESCO’s significan collections. Four postal stamps were designed for the first collection and are currently being displayed inside the UN’s headquarters in New York. A series of collectible recreational wooden dolls were created for the second collection.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

    No one can make you feel

    inferior without your consent.