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    GEM Report

    Global Education Monitoring Report

    GEM Report Logo Phrase

    GEM Report Logo

    The selection

    Due to our successful collaboration with UNESCO since 2003 in a series of projects within the educational field, in 2015 Abracadabra was commissioned with the task of developing the visual identity of the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, best known as GEM Report, which was entering a new phase that aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, projected by the United Nations.

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    The project

    The project involved three main stages. The first stage consisted of a research phase and a goal alignment workshop, conducted by Abracadabra’s team in UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. The second stage consisted of the the conceptualization and development of more than 12 proposals for the new brand and finally, the third stage consisted of a consultancy in which the organization was instructed on how to use and implement all of the elements of the new visual identity. The scale of the project, the scopes of the publications and the amount of partners involved resulted in great challenges for the development. With the information gathered at the workshops, we gave the visual identity the adaptability it needed in order for it to work in UNESCO’s and their international allies’ multiple digital and printed publications. Likewise, several issues, like gender equality, audience and the need for inclusion of previously secluded segments, were considered.

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    The development

    Throughout several months of hard work, we developed a new communication system that allowed us to organize the numerous publications related to GEM Report and concluded with the design of the new identity, layout and a new typeface that reduced the number of pages and resulted in less printing and shipping financial costs.

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    GEM Report Business Cards


    GEM Report Folders

    The change

    The change was applied effectively within UNESCO’s facilities and throughout all communication materials like banners, posters, report covers, newsletters, brochures, digital presentations, stationery and more. The community easily adopted the new identity of one of the most important education reports in the world, whose design will be current up to 2030.

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    For a better,

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    Sydney J. Harris

    The whole purpose of education

    is to turn mirrors into windows.

    Project in collaboration with Sector 11
    Photography credits: Ismael López
    GEM Report Logo Phrase